2015 – Turmepa Prom

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2015 TURMEPA PROM- Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus

Perhaps the most difficult part of experience design starts at the point where your guest profile “has nothing left to experience”. Turmepa Ball, which is traditionally held every year, has a feature that brings together the foremost business people and community life of Turkey and Turmepa is a non-profit non-governmental organization.
From this point of view, to design an event and surprise hundreds of citizens of the world; while doing this, remembering that you are serving a non-governmental organization is a project input that forces you at the opposite ends.
The usual place of art in our projects was also an integral part of this project. In our opinion, a concert of a mermaid singing arias in an event area, which was transformed into a giant aquarium using projection technologies of that day, was an exact tune and proper touch to surprise the guests.
“The first impact is the most memorable” has always been an important starting point in our designs and we think it also took its place at the most meaningful point in this project.